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Usually, my clients reach out to me when they are overwhelmed by the complexity of their data or they find themselves wasting precious time by doing tedious reporting over and over again.

The risk for them is that their modeling is faulty or inadequate to answer their needs – leaving them at risk of major errors in decision making. Typical clients of mine are mid-to-large-sized organizations and their common issue is that they are not as productive as they could be.

The data models I develop for these organizations can be anything from financial models, quotation tools, periodic reports, workflow, or productivity improvements to analytics and dashboards based on big data.

You might be experiencing

  • Wasted time in reporting Finding confusing or inadequate numbers
  • Not having the information to be decisive
  • Risks due to human error
    Information overload without clear insights
  • Lack of transparency
  • Other

Your goals

  • Smarter, clearer decisions
  • Easier reporting, more accurate
  • Relocate more man hours on other valuable activities
  • To master data or get predictive
  • Automate your data for repeatable processes
  • Reduce your sales cycle
  • Lower your cost of acquisition
  • Streamline existing reporting or tracking processes
  • Other

Desired impact

  • No more wasted time in reporting
  • Automated processes
  • Have productive models
  • Make more sense of big data
  • Take your financials to the next level
  • Reduce man-hours
  • Take risk out of your business
  • Validate behavioural economics

What my customers say?