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Are your workflow systems running like a smooth and oiled machine?

Ending your Frustration and Giving you Peace of Mind! By Building Better Systems - with German precision.

Hi, I am Jürgen Schmechel, welcome! I love numbers and the clarity they convey. Numbers literally speak to me and I see patterns, inter-dependencies and outliers earlier and clearer than others. I help my clients to structure, systemise and automate their existing data-models using my unique German approach.


„I am ex Deloitte and in business for more than 15 years, Jürgen is one of the top three consultants I‘ve ever worked with.“ - Karen O‘Keeffe (Stryker SSP)

Is this you…?

Usually my clients reach out to me when they are overwhelmed by the complexity of their data or they find themselves wasting precious time by doing tedious reporting over and over again.

The risk for them is that their modelling is faulty or inadequate to answer their needs – leaving them at risk of major errors in decision making. Typical clients of mine are mid- to large-sized organizations and their common issue is that they are not as productive as they could be.

The data-models I develop for these organisations can be anything from financial models, quotation tools, periodic reports, workflow or productivity improvements to analytics and dashboards based on big data.


Wasted time in reporting

Finding confusing or inadequate numbers

Not having the information to be decisive

Risks due to human error

Information overload without clear insights

Lack of transparency



Smarter, clearer decisions

Easier reporting, more accurate

Relocate more man hours on other valuable activities

To master data or get predictive

Automate your data for repeatable processes

Reduce your sales cycle

Lower your cost of acquisition

Streamline existing reporting or tracking processes



No more wasted time in reporting

Automated processes

Have productive models

Make more sense of big data

Take your financials to the next level

Reduce man hours

Take risk out of your business

Validate behavioural economics

How does it work


If you like what you‘ve seen today and you feel that I could add value to your organisation, give me a call.

„Jürgen’s modelling skills are outstanding. His ability to build a highly effective, sustainable model for a very complex financial scenario is second to none.“ Caroline Hudson (Mater Hospital)

About me

I am maximising the productivity of my clients through clever modelling, reporting and systems. The ultimate benefits for my clients are that they have the right information when they need it, minimise their risk, and have more time to serve their customers.

Empowering people through great systems and intelligent solutions

My promise to my clients is that their solution is an easy to handle and future-proofed system tailored to their needs. And the beauty is, it is all out of one hand: The analysis, the solution and the implementation - with German precision.

My promise to you... Your solution will be an easy to handle and future-proofed system tailored to your needs.

Business Cases


Report automation – Big data filtering – Dashboards – Quote templates – Sales data reporting – Productivity issues – Sensitivity analysis – Bonus & Commission forms – Budget & Forecast tools – Pricing impact analysis


Reliability – Intelligence – Self starter – Experience – Can Do - attitude – Keeping promises – Fun

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Some of the companies I’ve helped to better systems

All out of one hand: The analysis, the solution and the implementation - with German precision.

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+61 415 509 275


Sydney, Australia

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+61 415 509 275


Sydney, Australia