7 Steps On How To Trust Your Spreadsheets - Again...

You probably have Excel spreadsheets at every corner of your business.

Some of your teams are working on calculations all day every day.

And it does not surprise you that over 80% of all spreadsheets contain errors or are not capable of producing the correct result.

You are frustrated with the time your organisation is spending on working with Excel and you are in fear that the decisions you are basing on those calculations are wrong.

How can you start to trust your spreadsheets again?

There are seven important steps you must follow to have the best outcome:

  1. Do a rough check by doing a back of the envelope calculation
  2. Build in Check Sums and cross reference sub-totals
  3. Purposefully separate your input cells from your calculation sheets
  4. Document your spreadsheet in detail
  5. Do test inputs with extreme numbers
  6. Invite another set of eyes to check
  7. Engage an Excel expert to do a formal audit and error-check


Yes, all these steps are expensive in time and in money – and they are essential.

Global research show that all these steps are less costly than the one fatal decision you’ve based on inaccurate data.

You better Trust Your Numbers.

I can’t get into the detail of each of these 7 steps here.

This is usually the topic for a 90-minute presentation or webinar…

So, let’s talk privately about your individual questions.

My offer to you is an obligation free 30-minute call  – where I can give you some ideas.

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“The changes Jürgen made have resulted in a substantial time saving and improved the reliability of our process allowing us to focus on the analysis rather than the collation and manipulation of data. Jürgen isn't just an Excel guy but really understand process flows and the business outcomes. Thanks again.”
David Barton – Club Plus Super

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