Are You Aware of the Key Person Risk

How to avoid the key person risk?

Today I want to talk about a situation a lot of companies are facing right now with personnel are leaving, the great resignation and they find themselves in a situation where no one in the organisation knows about the processes they are running.

Just recently a client reached out to me and said, “We’ve got an Excel spreadsheet here and the person who’s built this has now left but this is crucial for our organisation. Can you Help?”

Of course I can!

But let’s step back for a moment, because you could avoid running into this situation:

– document your processes in a written down documentation…
– automate your processes…
– transfer the knowledge from one person to maybe 2 or 3 more…

With those steps organised you can avoid the situation from happening in the first place.

This is what I do for my clients.

I take convoluted processes and turn them into push-button solutions.

Once you have an automated processes with a push-button menu.

It’s so easy to transfer the knowledge across, because all you need to instruct someone is which button to press and the system works.

Please reach out to me if you want to learn more and we can talk about your individual situation because I want you to avoid the key person risk you’re facing in your organisation.

The changes Jürgen made have resulted in a substantial time saving and improved the reliability of our process allowing us to focus on the analysis rather than the collation and manipulation of data. Jürgen isn't just an Excel guy but really understand process flows and the business outcomes. Thanks again.”
David Barton – COO at Future Super
Building Better Systems For You..:
here are three ways I could help you right now…
  1. You have an idea or a problem to solve and you don’t know where to start and want an honest, straight forward sounding board with business acumen and IT experience.
  2. You have an existing Excel – solution that is lacking functionality. This is exactly where I helped hundreds of clients with their Excel spreadsheets and workflow.
  3. You want to work directly with me to systemise, structure and automate your workflow models. So that they will allow you and your team to base your million dollar decision on the accurate data. Just email me to set up a time for a chat.