Welcome to 2022!

Welcome To 2022! Happy New Year and Welcome to 2022! New year, new beginnings and it’s a little bit like in the school where you have a notebook and think this time everything changes. My writing will be legible and this year I will concentrate on actually listening to the teacher.On page 2, these goals are […]

See how Excel can protect your life!

Could you protect your IP within Excel? Recently a client came to me and wanted to create a spreadsheet which they then wants to send out to a thousand people. And the obvious question is, how can he or she protect their IP? The short answer is Excel does not really give you lots of protection. What do […]

Racing Excel – When Every Second Counts

Racing Excel – When Every Second Counts Recently a client asked for help with his Excel model. He’d created a very complex and integrated set of sheets within one Workbook. His problem was, that each calculation took between ten and fifteen seconds. It does not sound much – ten seconds… Just imagine yourself entering a simple […]

Do you neglect your Dashboards?

Do you neglect your Dashboards? Do you know, how important dashboards can be in your organisation? You want to see and steer your organisation by looking at just one sheet. One Excel sheet where you have different dashboards showing you the progress, the development, the statistics, and the forecast for your organisation. You want to steer you […]

Three issues with your Financial Models

Three issues with your Financial Models Let’s talk about Financial Modelling When it comes to Financial Models we are thinking of Profit & Loss, Budget, Forecasting, those kinds of things. And it could be way more… It could be a property development proposal. It could be the calculation of your investment over time. There are three […]


Lego Excel has a lot in common with Lego. I compare Excel often to Lego. You’re getting building blocks and it all depends on what you build from them…Is it’s stable? Is it sustainable? Is it functional? Sometimes it might be just that you still have the building blocks, and it’s all crumbled, and you are not quite sure what […]

What does ‘No Decision’ really mean?

What Does ‘No Decision’ Really Mean? No Decision is also a decision. Look, if you are sitting on the fence and not deciding whether to do or not to do a certain project… That part of Not Deciding is also a decision and people often underestimate the consequences of that third alternative. “Let’s do this” = Yes! “No, let’s not”, […]

The classic safari company

The Classic Safari Company Many of you know, that The Classic Safari Company is one of my longest active clients. I have the privilege to serve Julie, Sarah and their team since 2011. Back then we started to systemise, structure and automate their workflow. That soon became their complete back-office system to create the famous bespoke safaris to […]

You can’t outperform unfunctional systems

You can’t outperform Unfunctional Systems I’m using a phrase here which is used in the weight loss industry, saying: “You can’t outperform a bad diet“ And the same is true for your systems: You can’t outperform unfunctional systems. If you are spending too much time because the system is dragging you down, is lagging you down, […]

The use of excel in your HR Department

The use of Excel in your HR Department Are you working in HR?If you are working in HR, you are coming across a lot of Excel Spreadsheets – probably more than you did expect.There are bonus forms, overtime- & training-forms, and even the contracts are built using Excel.The interesting part is, you can actually automate these things.A lot of people don’t […]