What’s most important for you in your workflow?

What’s most important for you in your workflow? Recently I conducted a poll on LinkedIn – asking my over 2,000 connections for their opinion on the question “What is most important?” There were four options to choose from… Accuracy Speed Transparency Functionality The responses from over 30 people were really eye opening. But before you read any […]

Working with your data from your ERP System

How to Efficiently Use Data From Your ERP-System? Are you using an ERP System in your business and constantly downloading data into Excel? If you are downloading data from your ERP system like SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards everyday, every week, every fortnight, you are not alone. I recently spoke with a lady who is installing SAP […]

How good are your quote templates?

How Good Are Your Quote Templates? Is this you? Do you use quote templates in your business solutions? When it comes to quote templates, I see three major problems every time within the client’s situation. The first big problem is that oftentimes the quote templates are needing too much time to fill in a quote because the repository […]

What would it be worth to you?

What would it be worth to you? I’ve been solving business riddles since 1985 for various clients in Europe and in Australia and New Zealand. Each project is different. Each impact is measured in various ways. Each solution is specific to the problem. And each project-owner is carefully calculating the Return On Investment – and rightly so. My […]

Why Excel

Why Excel? Every now and then I’ve been asked “why are you such a fan of Excel.” There are so many other good software tools around. Why would you favourite this dinosaur over modern SaaS tools? I think this is a very valid question – given that Excel is around for over 30 years. Here are […]

The numbers don’t lie

The Numbers Don’t Lie In these lockdown times we are all looking at the latest numbers around the Covid development. …some of us on a daily basis. …some maybe on a weekly basis or just every now and then. The numbers don’t lie – and then again, they never show the full picture. You need to interpret […]

Don’t let your systems add to your stress

Don’t Let Your Systems Add To Your Stress Just imagine Tom Hanks floating in space sending out an SOS…“Canberra, we have a problem” And this time it’s not the oxygen running low, or is it? For a lot of people it feels that way. It feels like we all are choking on the new restrictions. Sydney […]

Functionality Vs. Frustration

More Functionality Less Frustration When you look at the various reasons, why people and teams are frustrated with their workflow systems, they all mention one or more of these complaints: too time consuming system is not responsive results are inaccurate confusing and cumbersome to use unable to scale and grow Reading through this list – it […]

You don’t need to accept a non-functional system

You Don’t Need To Accept A Non-functional System You know how frustrating it is, to work with unfunctional systems… They are confusing, time consuming and put you and your business at risk. I help my clients to systemise, structure and automate their workflow systems – especially around Excel. Clients come to me when they feel overwhelmed […]

7 Steps on how to trust your spreadsheets – again…

7 Steps On How To Trust Your Spreadsheets – Again… You probably have Excel spreadsheets at every corner of your business. Some of your teams are working on calculations all day every day. And it does not surprise you that over 80% of all spreadsheets contain errors or are not capable of producing the correct result. […]