How To Get Your Focus Back

How To Get Your Focus Back 12 years ago I wrote “Business Lessons from an African safari” – covering the seven principles for success in business  I was just reminded of this book again by reading “Stolen Focus” by Johann Hari – because the 1st chapter in my book is just about Focus. There is this irrational belief out there that […]

Making This Financial Year Count

Welcome to the new Financial Year… It’s the typical situation new school year, new books, new notebook, new financial year, and you think everything will change – and it won’t. The old systems will be the old systems, the old workflow routines will be the old workflow routines. If you are not changing them, it […]

How Powerful Excel Improves Your Staff Retention

How Powerful Excel Improves Your Staff Retention Now The big re-shuffling of jobs… Look, we’ve all read this in the newspaper that people are now looking for the optimal job. People are changing getting snatched up by bigger companies and you are wondering where is my staff going and why is it going? Now […]

More Functionality = Less Frustration

More Functionality = Less Frustration Look from my experience, It’s all about functionality and efficiency when it comes to systems. And research shows that over 80% of all Excel models are either faulty or not adequate for the job. This functionality ranges from low to high, for different organizations and even for different teams […]

Functionality is no coincidence

Functionality is no coincidence Let’s talk about Functionality… One of my sayings is that Functionality Is No Coincidence. What do I mean by this? An Excel spreadsheet is not automatically functional. You really need to work hard to make sure that the functions and the formulas are correct, all referencing are correct. Not a broken […]

Excel In The 21st Century

Why are you still using Excel in the 21st Century? “Jürgen brings German precision and design to all of his solutions, and you can have confidence that the solution he develops is accurate and commercially robust. He has excellent communication skills and can work easily with you and your team.” Ron Wood, Founder and Director […]

One Of The Best Workflow Models I’ve Ever Seen

One Of The Best Models I’ve Ever Seen It’s not often that I write directly about a customer’s Excel model. Yet, in this case I need to make an exception. Because in this case study there are important learnings for all of us. It was a delight to work on this project and help my client to be […]

How To Grow Your Business And Protect The Downside!

Stable vs. Instable Growing your business and protecting the downside… Today, I want to talk about this situation… A lot of businesses come to me. They are in a stable situation and they want to grow their business. They want to expand and that’s why they want to build better systems using their Excel spreadsheets. One question […]

How Good Are Your Systems With Change

What am I looking out for when I’m investigating a client file There is a funny thing when it comes to Change. Each individual of us is not especially good with it.We like to keep things as they are. Still as a society, as the human race, we are brilliant in moving forward and making relevant […]

Business Needs vs. Your Software

Needs Vs. Software Let’s talk about one of my favorite drawing. I’m using this a lot! So the situation looks like this… You have a Need in your business which you want to fulfill and you buy a Software of the shelve which should fulfill this need or help you fulfilling this need and whatever software you are buying […]