Client – Travel Agency

Systemising A Quotation Process

My client is a medium sized business in the travel industry specialised in bespoke safaris. When they receive an enquiry, the trip is organised down to every detail-local guides, accommodation, the transfers and all the activities you would expect on a classic safari.

Before  – – – 

  • Industry: Travel
  • Engagement: Owner / Directors
  • Main Issue: Systemise Quotes
  • Problems: It took too long for the staff members to work on each individual quote and itinerary. Due to the lack of efficiency, the growth of the company without hiring more staff was limited.
  • Main Goal: Increase in productivity

After  – – – 

  • The challenge was to create a solution which would keep the flexibility within Excel to build real tailor-made itineraries for their customers, and at the same time create a semi-automated system.
  • We built a database in Excel covering all the different accommodations and activities on offer at these destinations. Furthermore we built a database of all the various operators in the destination countries and for all types of transfers between the different hotels and camps.
  • The productivity for the overall team went up by 40% over the first three years. ( Time & duration 2011 – ongoing ).
  •  The system has been now in place for over 10 years. We have since further developed the system to enable the staff to use more automated steps in the quotation process thereby further increasing the productivity.
"Jürgen has revolutionised the business processes within our workplace making our days far less stressful and way more efficient than before.” - Julie McIntosh - Founder/Director (The Classic Safari Company)