Finding the GOLD in 2020…

Finding the GOLD in 2020… This week I went again to a networking event called “Networking in Nature” – organized and facilitated by the fantastic group of GoneBush. Whilst walking through the gorgeous backdrop of the Botanic gardens in Sydney we were reflecting on the acronym of GOLD. You will find that right now many […]

Does Excel put your business at risk?

Does Excel put your business at risk? maybe this question is a bit blunt. Just think about it. You might say, we don’t even use Excel – and that is fine too. And if you do please consider this: More than 80% of all spreadsheets are either faulty or not adequate for the job. And […]

Needs vs Software Tool

Your software need versus the software tool you buy. In most cases the software package you buy does not fully cover your needs in your business. So you buy another software program and try to make those software tools talk to each other. That’s where the time consuming part starts… You end up downloading data […]

What is bad modelling costing you?

What is bad modelling costing you? Now is the time where numbers are (frantically) crunched and (last minute) spreadsheets are being created. The end of the financial year is looming. Oh, how I love numbers and the stories they convey… And of course, I love Excel. Except for making myself a cup of tea, I use […]

Are Quote Templates slowing down your sales?

Are Quote Templates slowing down your sales? Quite a few clients coming to me worried or complaining about their Quote Templates. These have been built in Excel, they are relatively easy to use and they are transportable. Meaning your sales rep does not need to have access to your SAP, Oracle or JDE database. She […]

Budget – your bridge into the future

Budget – your bridge into the future In less than two months this financial year is going to end. Therefore you might already working on your budget for the FY21 – or you’ll do it soon. The issue I see here is the big question, how to predict the future in times of major uncertainty. Your […]

The Power of Now

The Power of Now Recently a client of mine looked at the automation I’ve created for her and said “Jürgen, how does it feel to be that powerful? “ I was a little bit taken aback and then responded “It’s not me – it’s Excel that’s so powerful.” Which is maybe only half the truth. Because the people […]

Life will never be the same

Life will never be the same These are interesting times to say the least. The consequences from the new rules for any Australian business are massive: The demand for your product or service will shift. The supply chains from China and other parts of the world will be either permanently broken or at least questionable. […]

The Conundrum of Sunken Cost

The Conundrum of Sunken Cost Over the years I spoke to many business owners and decision makers in Europe and Australia. And ever so often the topic of sunken cost came up. I vividly remember one story where a small start-up company asked for my help because their CRM system didn’t go the way they wanted. It turned […]

Knowledge versus Expertise

Knowledge versus Expertise There is a huge misconception about knowledge these days. People think their knowledge is the most important skill-set to get a job done. But it is not. The question is, what you are going to do with that knowledge and whether you are an expert in your field. Just had the great […]