Improve Your Data Quality To Cut Cost In Your Business

Cutting Cost Using Your Existing Software Tools You might have heard the saying, “the quality of your questions determines your life” and I want to translate this into business and say, the quality of your data determines the quality of your business. Even more so, when cutting cost is your priority right now…Then especially you need to work on the […]

How Disparate Systems Can Break You

Disparate Systems Today, I want to talk about Disparate Systems. I always need to make sure that I’m not saying desperate systems because they also make you sometimes desperate… 🙂 In this case, I mean disparate meaning: they are stand alone systems they are not talking to any other system And the moment you install these kind of […]

Cutting Cost Using Your Existing Software Tools

Cutting Cost Using Your Existing Software Tools You can use your existing software to cut costs… Today I want to talk about the situation that a lot of companies nowadays are using Software as a Service [SaaS] offers in the cloud. Software as a Service means you are renting a software packages and you pay a license […]

Are You Aware of the Key Person Risk

Are You Aware of the Key Person Risk How to avoid the key person risk? Today I want to talk about a situation a lot of companies are facing right now with personnel are leaving, the great resignation and they find themselves in a situation where no one in the organisation knows about the processes they […]

The $1M Decision You Did Not Expect

The $1M Decision You Did Not Expect Did you know that recruiting new people can be a million dollar decision? Look, this is a big claim isn’t it? That recruiting someone new is a million dollar decision – and for a lot of business it is. Let’s do the following mind game: If your business […]

The Total Cost of Ownership

The Total Cost of Ownership Look ten or twenty years ago, the word “Total Cost Of Ownership” was on every bodies mind and in every bodies discussions about IT, Hardware and Software. But since then it kind of vanished from the discussions. And remember: it is still prevalent, it is still so important. Now, let’s talk about the system. Let’s see how repetitive, how […]

The Secret of the Yellow Cells

The Secret of the Yellow Cells The Yellow Cells in an Excel Spreadsheet We’ve all seen this in so many spreadsheets. The entry cells are highlighted in yellow. So why is that? What’s the reason for this? So first and foremost if you don’t highlight your input cells, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to […]

How to bring The Ease of Use back into your processes

The Ease of Use Have you ever thought about The Ease of Use? Look, the other day I was speaking to a client and we were talking about that his system wasn’t responsive – meaning it wasn’t giving him the right information within the right time. I said, “You are not alone. My clients coming to me […]

You want reliable, repeatable, responsive results

Reliable, Repeatable, Responsive Results My clients want Results… My clients want reliable, repeatable and responsive results. So when a new client comes to me the typical situation is it’s either too many errors in their system, it takes too long so it’s too time consuming, or their process is not adequate or they don’t have a process at all to […]

How To Avoid Repetitive Tasks

The Conundrum of Repetitive Tasks If you find yourself doing repetitive tasks all the time, this one is for you. Welcome to my latest newsletter where I want to talk about “The Conundrum of Repetitive Tasks” because we’ve all been there, we’ve all done this… Looking at the database of a 100 rows we think “oh I can quickly go […]