Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Strategy Session significantly reduce the project time?

Why does the Strategy Session significantly reduce the project time?

In every project there comes the time where all stakeholders sit there and  think or say “I wish we would have known this two months ago…” Which then results in reworking some of the concept, some of the design and maybe vast parts of the solution. Having a solid Strategy  Session in place before everything else, reduces this kind of situation dramatically. Or as my late father used to say “measure twice, cut once…”

How does your 7-step process ensure my productivity improves by at least 10% ?

When we are transforming the way you work using the tools you already have  it is important to follow the proven seven steps I’ve outlined. These steps guarantee the outcome you are after and the ROI you deserve.

Why is the Automation of my model crucial to user satisfaction?

Working with a large model can be very challenging at times – especially when this model requires manual handling of data a lot. Automating major part of the model allows the user to concentrate more on the interpretation of data and  thereby have a higher level of satisfaction.

How does your Strategic and Logical Thinking increases the relevance and scalability of our models?

With every workflow solution you need to be aware of the potential growth of your business and it there must be scalable and relevant to do the job. That’s where my strengths in logical thinking and years of experience as business strategist are helping you to make the right decision.

Why is your Auditing process essential to Future proof our business?

When was the last time that you have audited your worksheets and the workflow process in your business? You base your $1m decisions on these results. It can be very costly for your business when those results are off be any margin.

How does the Protection and Security around our models have a positive impact on Staff retention?

Talking to clients in the past showed that often staff members are leaving an organisation because they are frustrated over the lack of security and protection in some  of crucial  files in the workflow of that organisation. Given the flexibility Excel allows you, we need to put systems in place  that  secures the handling and presenting of data.

Why is German Precision so valuable when it comes to data transparency?

We German pride ourselves to be precise, structured and good engineers and that is exactly what you want for your data and calculations. Only with precision can you achieve transparency.

How does Systemising and Structuring of our models increase the Company Value?

When it comes to evaluating the value of any company it comes down to three factors: the product, the team and the systems in place. If you don’t have a scalable solid system in place your company is lacking that key component.

How can clever User interfaces significantly reduce the risk of data error?

In any software tool you need to make sure that the data entry is easy to use, intuitive and capturing any error that comes with manual data-handling. A well designed and bullet proof user interface helps the user to always key in the right information.

How does your Business Acumen help us to make better decisions?

In my career as a business strategist I came across many organisations and was able to support and advise many business leaders and managers on their systems. This experience is your advantage when engaging my services.

Why do we need your insights and creativity to successfully protect our margins?

One of the often overlooked risks with Quote templates using Excel is the great flexibility that Excel allows their users. Many companies therefore suffer from depleting margins in their quotes because their salespeople are eager to secure the deal. A clever designed Excel Quote template  can set appropriate boundaries when entering data and thereby protect your margin.

How does your deep knowledge of the software system guarantee that we are wasting less time on a daily basis?

Many people don’t know that there is a hidden side to Excel. It is a programming platform that allows me to create clever and sophisticated programs  and transforming your workflow into a solution that runs smoothly and automated.