Finding the GOLD in 2020...

This week I went again to a networking event called “Networking in Nature” – organized and facilitated by the fantastic group of GoneBush.

Whilst walking through the gorgeous backdrop of the Botanic gardens in Sydney we were reflecting on the acronym of GOLD.

You will find that right now many people around you will say something like “Thank god the year 2020 is over soon…” or “What a basket case this year has been?” or “2020 should be erased from history – a wasted year!

I totally do not concur with these notions. Yes, 2020 has been very different from what we all might have been expecting, but then again – each year, each month and even each day has its surprises in stock. And that’s what’s making life so interesting and adventurous.

John Kugel from GoneBush gave us a really good metaphor this morning by comparing life to a moving stream. A river meandering along and at times we are pulled by the current and at times we are floating a bit more. Sometimes we think we can steer the direction, but we never can go back to where we were.

And in one of our reflections this morning I’ve added that in comparison 2020 might have been one of these rapids we find in every stream. Yes, and I admit this rapid took us all by surprise. A rapid can swing you around it might even cause you to do a somersault – as long as you are breathing you’re fine.

And we lived through it and we all gained new experiences and new learnings along the way. To stay in the picture, you know that after every rapid there is usually a calmer section. An area where the river goes a bit wider and we might be able to float again and maybe we can even look back at the rapid and marvel at its beauty.

In this context I like to challenge you a bit and encourage you to think back of 2020 and answer these four questions for yourself:

G – What are you Grateful for in 2020?
O – What have been Opportunities for you in 2020?
L – What have you Learnt in 2020?
D – What new Decisions did you make as a consequence?

In my opinion we soon will all look back at the year 2020 with amazement and see the blessings and the beauty.

Thank you for being part of my community and if you want, please share your responses to the questions above with me. I’m always interested to learn from you.

Finally – and I had to add this here – if your learning is “I’d wish, we had better systems in place...” – you know where to find me.

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David Barton – Club Plus Super

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