Happy New Year and all the best for you in 2018.

Hi there! I must confess that I have dropped the ball on my regular posts last year. And the reason was that exactly one year ago I had an epiphany about a new business idea. An idea so powerful and profound that I ran with it and reduced the time and hours I’ve spent on my traditional business.

A year ago I was meditating at a 10-day-retreat in the Blue Mountains and while I was trying to empty my mind from any thoughts one epiphany came up and nested deep in my brain.

You see, over the last few years five of my friends here in Australia got divorced. ‘No big deal’ you might say – ‘happens all the time’. Yes it does. For some reason we take it as a fact of life that marriages are not for the eternity any more. The stats show that nowadays over 40% of all marriages are ending in a divorce. But what this statistic does not show is the effect on the children…

No matter whether you are two, twelve or twenty-two years of age, the moment your parents are declaring the end of their love your world breaks apart. Let’s add some stats here:

  • 50% of all children in North America witnessing at least one divorce in their young life.
  • 70% of all divorces involving children have one child younger than 2.

None of these hard facts were available while I was meditating, I’ve checked them later. Still I knew of the traumatising effect of any divorce on the children.

Now being happily married for over 24 years all of the above is total foreign to me. If we all would only adhere to a couple of rules and understand you can actively design your happy relationship, the world would be a better place.

That’s when Inspiring Relationships was born.

So what have I done the last six months?

  • Created a few unique relationship models, which shows what is important to understand in the 21st century about relationships.
  • Developed and held a two hour public workshop, where I teach these important techniques.
  • Been featured in 18 different radio- and podcast-shows.
  • Wrote about 80% of my book, which will be published in the first half of 2018.
  • Started a group on FaceBook which shall be the root for my movement.
  • Published diverse video-blogs on my website www.Inspiring-Relationships.com.au.
  • Developed an unique quiz to evaluate your personal Relationship Performance Index [RPI].
  • Created an 8-week online course “From stale to happy ever after” where I guide you through eight different models and their impact on your relationship.
  • Worked on a productivity projects using my Excel-skills
    • for a number of existing clients
    • or a new client
    • building a product out of one spectacular solution – effecting the whole industry
  • And yes, I went travelling again to Africa. 🙂 

It has been a very interesting and challenging 2017 for me. I did not envisage that outcome at the start. Once I’ve got going with Inspiring Relationships the overwhelming response from all areas of life was: “this is so needed in our society…” which obviously was a great encouragement.

My purpose is to play part in creating a world where people live in loving, intimate and respectful relationships enabling their children to grow up loved and not suffering. Which has a ripple-on effect on society.

I even put a very bold number to it:
I want to save 1million marriages worldwide – one child at a time.

I know this is not what you’ve expected from this newsletter. And that you are still reading to this point shows me that I have somehow sparked some thoughts in you. Thank you!

If you like the idea and you want to support me please come to my next workshop in Crows Nest.
You are finding more details here.

The launch of my new movement “Love By Design” is on the 19th January. Please join the group to be part and to hear it all first hand. https://www.facebook.com/groups/InspiringRelationships/

If you want to learn more about my new business please check out my website or contact me directly…would really love to hear from you and your comments.

One more thing: It’s been a privilege and honour to be again represented in the yearly “Motivating your mind, inspiring your spirit e-book” by my friend Rob Salisbury. Please follow this link to download your copy.

If you then click on my picture on the cover you are taken straight to my article with the title “A Broken Heart Does Not Perform.” Enjoy! ​