How Good Are Your Quote Templates?

Is this you? Do you use quote templates in your business solutions?

When it comes to quote templates, I see three major problems every time within the client’s situation.

  • The first big problem is that oftentimes the quote templates are needing too much time to fill in a quote because the repository is so big that people can’t find the item they were looking for.
  • The second problem is that the margins are not protected. So the salesperson puts in a discount which makes your business not making enough money, and that’s a dangerous situation.
  • And the third problem is that these quote templates oftentimes have their key men problem, or key women. Only one person can operate their quote template.


And you know what?

  • There’s a fourth problem as well, some of these quote templates are not correct at all.


So how do you work with this?

It’s taking too long, your margins are not protected, only one person can use this, and the quote template in itself is not functional.


There’s a better way!

This is where I can come in and help you to systemise, structure and automate your quote templates.
Obviously, with German Precision.

So you can trust your numbers, protect your margins and grow your business.

Please reach out to me if you want to learn more about this.


Automation is the key to scale!

"Jürgen is one of the top three consultants
I've ever worked with"

Karen O'Keeffe, Stryker
Use Your Systems – Trust Your Numbers
  1. You have an idea or a problem to solve and you don’t know where to start and want an honest, straight forward sounding board with business acumen and IT experience.
  2. You have an existing Excel – solution that is lacking functionality. This is exactly where I helped hundreds of clients with their Excel spreadsheets and workflow.
  3. You want to work directly with me to systemise, structure and automate your workflow models. So that they will allow you and your team to base your million dollar decision on the accurate data. Just email me to set up a time for a chat.