Imagining the outcome – let your imagination run wild...

One of the many beautiful things about consulting to my clients is to experience and help with the vast variety of productivity issues they are facing.

As mention in my previous newsletter, Quote templates definitely play a significant part. And the situations where Sunken Costs – also mentioned in one of the previous newsletters – are being tried to be recuperated and rescued.

Every so often a client comes to me with only a vague idea of what needs to happen. “Jürgen, I want to have a clearer understanding of the particular issues we have with our over sixty franchisees. Can you help us?

I love these kind of challenges. It’s like sitting in front of a box full of Lego pieces and the request is to build something stable and high rising and please have it ready by tomorrow.

In the above case we set together and by drawing some pictures and flow-charts we were able to narrow it down. “These are the different data-sources we have…and this is what I want to know.”, said my client. My questions to him then was “What do you want to see first? How can we give you the best transparency and automation to have early warning signs?”. It went on from there.

You know, if you can’t describe the process and outcome on a piece of paper, it is very likely that the result of the workflow model is not satisfying for your needs.

More often than not I therefore give my clients the homework to come up with the outcome they want. Let your imagination run wild and create the ideal outcome, so that you can see yourself in 12 months from now using the model we are building and steer your company or team differently.

That’s why my clients come to me when they want a holistic service. Understanding your problem and requests first. Then creating ideas and solutions together. Finally doing the work like building the model and organising the workflow – that’s where I excel (pun intended). Sure enough this also includes installation, training and support. All out of one hand – with German Precision. 🙂

And the next time you think “that’s impossible”, please call and challenge me…
I love these cases, where I can really make a difference.