Excel has a lot in common with Lego.

I compare Excel often to Lego. You’re getting building blocks and it all depends on what you build from them…Is it’s stable? Is it sustainable? Is it functional?

Sometimes it might be just that you still have the building blocks, and it’s all crumbled, and you are not quite sure what the system really should do.

Or you have something which looks a little bit more like that it could actually be something, but again not really functional.

Or you have a system which is merely there, but still it takes you a little bit of extra time to make it work and serve you.

It could be a very sophisticated model like this, this is one of my favorite in Lego. Well, I am a big fan of this old Volkswagen bus, which we call it in Germany. So yeah, This is one of my favorites, but back to the systems.

You might just wanted to have a system which is running, and it’s running fast.


You might want to watch the video now – to see the different Lego models…

It does not matter where you see yourself on this scale, I can help you to build new solutions for your existing systems.

Because at the end of the day, it’s the question how stable, how sustainable, and how functional your systems are.

When I was young, my brother and I were building cars out of Lego.

Back then there were hardly any of these detailed blocks available so we only had standard blocks and we built cars out of those, then we crash tested these cars by running them into each other.

A bit like “last man standing”

We’ve created more and more sophisticated models with the idea, how to break down the armor of the other.

May I ask you this:
When was the last time that you’ve crash-tested your systems, your Excel spreadsheets?

Alright, enough about Lego for today.

If you want to reach out, and see how we can systemise, structure and automate your existing systems…and crash-test them, then please contact me via website or respond to this email.

Functionality is not a coincidence

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Ron Wood, Founder and Director of Pricing Insight
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