Racing Excel – When Every Second Counts

Recently a client asked for help with his Excel model.

He’d created a very complex and integrated set of sheets within one Workbook.

His problem was, that each calculation took between ten and fifteen seconds.

It does not sound much – ten seconds…

Just imagine yourself entering a simple figure into your Excel sheet and then…
…wait…wait…wait…wait…for over ten seconds
…before you could even enter the next figure.

Yes, you can turn off the automatic calculation, still – when you change one of the basic settings you want the workbook to re-calc instantly – instead you are sitting there waiting again.

There was nothing wrong with that model – my client created a very powerful system to analyse his data deeply.

The long waiting time was a result of various factors like array-formulas, conditional formatting and the extensive use of the indirect function.

I must confess, it took me a while to follow the breadcrumbs in his model and make meaningful changes.
And eventually I was able to slice the waiting time for him down to roughly one second.

With all the tweaking of his great model the time saving is between nine and fourteen seconds.

When you compare the one second it takes now to the ten seconds it took before the time-saving is 90% (ninety percent).

It so much more fun, when your Excel model is running like a well-oiled German machine.

Just think about it: where is your workflow slowing you down?

“Jurgen has revolutionised the business processes within our workplace making our days far less stressful and way more efficient than before. Nothing is a problem for Jurgen - if you ask Jurgen to solve a problem, the standard answer is inevitably ''but, of course!" - always said with a smile and on occasion with a home-baked cheese cake waiting in the wings. Through Jurgen's association with my business he has also become a friend. I am always happy to go to Jurgen for a different view on how we see the world whether this be personal or business.”
- Julie McIntosh, Director & Founder The Classic Safary Company
Use Your Systems – Trust Your Numbers
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