You want reliable, repeatable, responsive results

Reliable, Repeatable, Responsive Results My clients want Results… My clients want reliable, repeatable and responsive results. So when a new client comes to me the typical situation is it’s either too many errors in their system, it takes too long so it’s too time consuming, or their process is not adequate or they don’t have a process at all to […]

Are You Still Manually Transferring Data?

Manual Handling of Data The other day I went for a routine examination to a hospital and before I went, I needed to fill-in an online form with all my medical history and details. So I arrived at the hospital and then obviously chatted with the doctor.She asked me what I’m doing so I’ve explained that […]

How To Tap Into The Power Of Our Brains

How To Tap Into The Power Of Our Brains Let’s talk about the Power of our Brains… Clients often ask me, where do you come-up with your ideas? How do you solve these business riddles?  Do you run around your desk? Do you do deep thinking? Let me make a confession here: My best ideas are coming in […]

My Proven Action Steps To Functionality

My Proven Action Steps To Functionality We start with the Strategy session where we discover what is missing in your situation and also what you have already. So we close the gap between what you have and what you want to achieve. (Analyse) Next step is the Design of the model and from there I can Program and use workflow and interfaces […]

How I Solve These Business Riddles

How I Solve These Business Riddles Here is how I solve these business riddles that my clients present to me. They want to let go of the confusion and frustration they have been dealing with. I draw on more than 35 years of experience working with global companies like AMP, Rodenstock and Stryker and under […]

How Make Dashboards More Visible

How Make Dashboards More Visible   Here’s an example of a Dashboard… which in the first moment, looks a little bit overwhelming because there are so many different graphs on it and so many different information that it’s hard to see the forest for the trees.  With a clever little bit of an Excel program, you […]

How To Get Your Focus Back

How To Get Your Focus Back 12 years ago I wrote “Business Lessons from an African safari” – covering the seven principles for success in business  I was just reminded of this book again by reading “Stolen Focus” by Johann Hari – because the 1st chapter in my book is just about Focus. There is this irrational belief out there that human […]

Making This Financial Year Count

Welcome to the new Financial Year… It’s the typical situation new school year, new books, new notebook, new financial year, and you think everything will change – and it won’t. The old systems will be the old systems, the old workflow routines will be the old workflow routines. If you are not changing them, it […]

How Powerful Excel Improves Your Staff Retention

How Powerful Excel Improves Your Staff Retention Now The big re-shuffling of jobs… Look, we’ve all read this in the newspaper that people are now looking for the optimal job. People are changing getting snatched up by bigger companies and you are wondering where is my staff going and why is it going? Now […]

More Functionality = Less Frustration

More Functionality = Less Frustration Look from my experience, It’s all about functionality and efficiency when it comes to systems. And research shows that over 80% of all Excel models are either faulty or not adequate for the job. This functionality ranges from low to high, for different organizations and even for different teams […]