How Make Dashboards More Visible

How Make Dashboards More Visible   Here’s an example of a Dashboard… which in the first moment, looks a little bit overwhelming because there are so many different graphs on it and so many different information that it’s hard to see the forest for the trees.  With a clever little bit of an Excel program, you […]

How Powerful Excel Improves Your Staff Retention

How Powerful Excel Improves Your Staff Retention Now The big re-shuffling of jobs… Look, we’ve all read this in the newspaper that people are now looking for the optimal job. People are changing getting snatched up by bigger companies and you are wondering where is my staff going and why is it going? Now […]

Functionality is no coincidence

Functionality is no coincidence Let’s talk about Functionality… One of my sayings is that Functionality Is No Coincidence. What do I mean by this? An Excel spreadsheet is not automatically functional. You really need to work hard to make sure that the functions and the formulas are correct, all referencing are correct. Not a broken […]

Excel In The 21st Century

Why are you still using Excel in the 21st Century? “Jürgen brings German precision and design to all of his solutions, and you can have confidence that the solution he develops is accurate and commercially robust. He has excellent communication skills and can work easily with you and your team.” Ron Wood, Founder and Director […]

One Of The Best Workflow Models I’ve Ever Seen

One Of The Best Models I’ve Ever Seen It’s not often that I write directly about a customer’s Excel model. Yet, in this case I need to make an exception. Because in this case study there are important learnings for all of us. It was a delight to work on this project and help my client to be […]

How to estimate your risk when using Excel

How to estimate your risk when using Excel? We all know that there is an intrinsic risk in using Excel extensively in your business. Research shows that over 80% of Excel workbooks are either faulty or not adequate for doing the job. Still, we all love the flexibility and speed in which Excel allows us to get results […]

Workbench vs. Financial Model

Workbench vs. Financial Model Over the long weekend my adult son and I started to build a workbench in our garage. We really started from a simple design idea and then put together the components. Cut the wood for the legs and screwed the frame together. Of course, we also need to buy some of large […]

The Quality Of Your Data Is A Direct Reflection Of The Quality Of Your Business.

The quality of your data is a direct reflection of the quality of your business. You might have heard the saying, “the quality of your questions determines your life” and I want to translate this into business and say, the quality of your data determines the quality of your business. Have you ever made a million dollar […]

Importance of Excel

The Importance of Excel for your business People oftentimes ask me what I do and I then say, “I build clever Excel solutions for my clients” and then get raised eyebrows like “really, is that a business?” It is! Just imagine for a moment that Excel would cease to exist tomorrow. It just doesn’t work […]

How To Prioritise Your Projects?

2 Different Outcomes You Need To Prioritize When you start a project, do you actually think about the three different factors you need to prioritise? These are the timeline or the deadline, the budget and of course the outcome you want to achieve. So, if a client comes to me and says – “Well, I want this solution to be perfect. […]