How To Tap Into The Power Of Our Brains

How To Tap Into The Power Of Our Brains Let’s talk about the Power of our Brains… Clients often ask me, where do you come-up with your ideas? How do you solve these business riddles?  Do you run around your desk? Do you do deep thinking? Let me make a confession here: My best ideas are coming in […]

How I Solve These Business Riddles

How I Solve These Business Riddles Here is how I solve these business riddles that my clients present to me. They want to let go of the confusion and frustration they have been dealing with. I draw on more than 35 years of experience working with global companies like AMP, Rodenstock and Stryker and under […]

How Powerful Excel Improves Your Staff Retention

How Powerful Excel Improves Your Staff Retention Now The big re-shuffling of jobs… Look, we’ve all read this in the newspaper that people are now looking for the optimal job. People are changing getting snatched up by bigger companies and you are wondering where is my staff going and why is it going? Now […]

Functionality is no coincidence

Functionality is no coincidence Let’s talk about Functionality… One of my sayings is that Functionality Is No Coincidence. What do I mean by this? An Excel spreadsheet is not automatically functional. You really need to work hard to make sure that the functions and the formulas are correct, all referencing are correct. Not a broken […]

Excel In The 21st Century

Why are you still using Excel in the 21st Century? “Jürgen brings German precision and design to all of his solutions, and you can have confidence that the solution he develops is accurate and commercially robust. He has excellent communication skills and can work easily with you and your team.” Ron Wood, Founder and Director […]

How Good Are Your Systems With Change

What am I looking out for when I’m investigating a client file There is a funny thing when it comes to Change. Each individual of us is not especially good with it.We like to keep things as they are. Still as a society, as the human race, we are brilliant in moving forward and making relevant […]

How to estimate your risk when using Excel

How to estimate your risk when using Excel? We all know that there is an intrinsic risk in using Excel extensively in your business. Research shows that over 80% of Excel workbooks are either faulty or not adequate for doing the job. Still, we all love the flexibility and speed in which Excel allows us to get results […]

How To Prioritise Your Projects?

2 Different Outcomes You Need To Prioritize When you start a project, do you actually think about the three different factors you need to prioritise? These are the timeline or the deadline, the budget and of course the outcome you want to achieve. So, if a client comes to me and says – “Well, I want this solution to be perfect. […]

Welcome to 2022!

Welcome To 2022! Happy New Year and Welcome to 2022! New year, new beginnings and it’s a little bit like in the school where you have a notebook and think this time everything changes. My writing will be legible and this year I will concentrate on actually listening to the teacher.On page 2, these goals are […]

Racing Excel – When Every Second Counts

Racing Excel – When Every Second Counts Recently a client asked for help with his Excel model. He’d created a very complex and integrated set of sheets within one Workbook. His problem was, that each calculation took between ten and fifteen seconds. It does not sound much – ten seconds… Just imagine yourself entering a simple […]