Three issues with your Financial Models

Three issues with your Financial Models Let’s talk about Financial Modelling When it comes to Financial Models we are thinking of Profit & Loss, Budget, Forecasting, those kinds of things. And it could be way more… It could be a property development proposal. It could be the calculation of your investment over time. There are three […]

The classic safari company

The Classic Safari Company Many of you know, that The Classic Safari Company is one of my longest active clients. I have the privilege to serve Julie, Sarah and their team since 2011. Back then we started to systemise, structure and automate their workflow. That soon became their complete back-office system to create the famous bespoke safaris to […]

What would it be worth to you?

What would it be worth to you? I’ve been solving business riddles since 1985 for various clients in Europe and in Australia and New Zealand. Each project is different. Each impact is measured in various ways. Each solution is specific to the problem. And each project-owner is carefully calculating the Return On Investment – and rightly so. My […]

Don’t let your systems add to your stress

Don’t Let Your Systems Add To Your Stress Just imagine Tom Hanks floating in space sending out an SOS…“Canberra, we have a problem” And this time it’s not the oxygen running low, or is it? For a lot of people it feels that way. It feels like we all are choking on the new restrictions. Sydney […]

Your ultimate cost using an inadequate Excel model

Your Ultimate Cost Using An Inadequate Excel Model There are different aspects when thinking about the cost of using an Excel model that’s not right for the job… It’s time consuming It’s frustrating to use You can’t grow your business, because it is not scalable Errors lead to more errors It is demanding to work with […]

How to prevent user errors in the financial year 2022?

How to prevent user errors in the financial year 2022? In a recent poll – that I conducted among hundreds of managers – over 40% said that User Errors is their biggest issue – when it comes to working with Excel. This does not come as a surprise to me. Excel is so powerful in the modelling […]

How can I make your life easier this year?

How can I make your life easier this year? After booking three flights to Germany in the last year and eventually cancelling all of them we now booked a hiking trip in Tasmania for mid-February. And only two weeks later the situation has changed again and the borders to Tasmania are closed again for us Sydneysiders. […]

Does Excel put your business at risk?

Does Excel put your business at risk? maybe this question is a bit blunt. Just think about it. You might say, we don’t even use Excel – and that is fine too. And if you do please consider this: More than 80% of all spreadsheets are either faulty or not adequate for the job. And […]

The Power of Now

The Power of Now Recently a client of mine looked at the automation I’ve created for her and said “Jürgen, how does it feel to be that powerful? “ I was a little bit taken aback and then responded “It’s not me – it’s Excel that’s so powerful.” Which is maybe only half the truth. Because the people […]

The cost of doing nothing!

The cost of doing nothing! I have to admit this blog will read more like an infomercial. I do apologise in advance. Just last month a potential new client was asking me an interesting question. She said: “Who is your biggest competitor?” And without hesitation I said “doing nothing” – pause – “followed by doing […]