The Classic Safari Company

Many of you know, that The Classic Safari Company is one of my longest active clients.

I have the privilege to serve Julie, Sarah and their team since 2011.

Back then we started to systemise, structure and automate their workflow.

That soon became their complete back-office system to create the famous bespoke safaris to Africa, Latin America and India that they are known for.

The system we’ve created was very successful and enabled the staff to do 50% more quotes than before.

Over the last 18 months when the pandemic was in full swing, many people asked me: “How is your client the Safari Company going?” and my usual answer was “It is difficult, but we are making the best of it.”…

“How is that possible?”  – you might ask.

Well, instead of putting the head in the sand, Julie, Sarah and I decided to yet again improve their system.

During lockdown we’ve cleaned up the database, improved the layout and created an even better workflow than before. Which again now increases the productivity by at least 30%.

We used the time to analyse what was working well, what needed to be improved upon and which processes should be culled and replaced by something better.

It took a lot of time, money and effort to put it into action. Absolutely worth it!

I am extremely proud that we took the opportunity and re-build this system to the new quality.

There is no ‘off-the-shelf’ system in world that can match the functionality and sophistication of the system we’ve created for the Classic Safari Company.

And now with the borders soon to be opened again, the enquiries for bespoke travel arrangements are picking up again.

If you want to travel the world in style again, create wonderful memories, and experience breath-taking views, check them out here:

Our family trip to Africa in 2012 is still vivid in all our memories.

That trip even resulted in me writing “Business Lessons From An African Safari” – a book where I look at the seven success principles for businesses and how they are equally playing out in nature.

“Jürgen brings German precision and design to all of his solutions, and you can have confidence that the solution he develops is accurate and commercially robust. He has excellent communication skills and can work easily with you and your team.”
Ron Wood, Founder and Director of Pricing Insight
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