The Numbers Don't Lie

In these lockdown times we are all looking at the latest numbers around the Covid development.

…some of us on a daily basis.

…some maybe on a weekly basis or just every now and then.

The numbers don’t lie – and then again, they never show the full picture.

You need to interpret the figures and use some mathematics to really know what’s going on.

The same is true for the numbers in your business.

I’ve spent my whole life solving numerical riddles.

From my early childhood on – until today – I was/am fascinated by numbers.

This life-long passion of mine and my mathematical background allow me to find treasures in your figures that you would not see yourself.

When solving business riddles for my clients I use that experience (some might call it intuition) to unpack their data and analyse and interpret them in a way you would not think possible.

So instead of the daily Covid statistics, let’s focus on those numbers you can control.

Let’s find the full picture in your business data and enable you to steer your organisation in the right direction.

Happy to have a chat with you about your specific situation and challenges.

I’m here to help.

Number you can trust – system you can use!

“The changes Jürgen made have resulted in a substantial time saving and improved the reliability of our process allowing us to focus on the analysis rather than the collation and manipulation of data. Jürgen isn't just an Excel guy but really understand process flows and the business outcomes. Thanks again.”
David Barton – Club Plus Super
Use Your Systems – Trust Your Numbers
  1. You have an idea or a problem to solve and you don’t know where to start and want an honest, straight forward sounding board with business acumen and IT experience.
  2. You have an existing Excel – solution that is lacking functionality. This is exactly where I helped hundreds of clients with their Excel spreadsheets and workflow.
  3. You want to work directly with me to systemise, structure and automate your workflow models. So that they will allow you and your team to base your million dollar decision on the accurate data. Just email me to set up a time for a chat.