The Secret of the Yellow Cells

The Yellow Cells in an Excel Spreadsheet

We’ve all seen this in so many spreadsheets.

The entry cells are highlighted in yellow.

So why is that?
What’s the reason for this?

So first and foremost if you don’t highlight your input cells, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to focus the user of your Excel spreadsheets to exactly those entry cells. It’s like highlighting the best item in a restaurant.

Wouldn’t your eyes immediately go to the specialities of the house if they just being highlighted in yellow?

And that’s the same thing with Excel because if you open a spreadsheet which you haven’t looked at for three months or more.

There are so many cells and you don’t remember which cells are connected and where to put data.

And if you use yellow as a highlighting of these cells – the entry cells, the decision is easy, you know exactly where to start.

So why yellow you may ask?

Well, that goes back 30 years when there were no colour printers around.
Highlighting a cell in yellow even on a black and white printer would still allow you to read the content of the cell.

If you would highlight it in red – the whole cell would be black on a black and white printer.

That’s the simple reason.

Yellow entry cells in Excel go back 30 years or more and it is so useful and so underrated in even today’s Excel usage…
…so that I just wanted to highlight this in yellow today.

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