What Does 'No Decision' Really Mean?

No Decision is also a decision.

Look, if you are sitting on the fence and not deciding whether to do or not to do a certain project…

That part of Not Deciding is also a decision and people often underestimate the consequences of that third alternative.

Let’s do this” = Yes!
“No, let’s not”, no no we don’t” = No!
“Let’s wait maybe?” = Undecided!!!

No decision is also a decision, and usually it’s not the best one.

So the best decision is either to go ahead and start (to do things) or to decide to not to.

Just sitting on the fence and not deciding could prevent you from really moving forward.

A client comes to me and we had a couple of discussions, and eventually he decides to do the project.
So I’ve sent a couple of emails and voicemails… then crickets, no reaction.

Stalling the project, which in effect is a no decision again.

So, I think they would be better off to say “no we don’t want to do this right now”full stop … 
…or to fully commit and get started – instead of sitting on the fence.

No decision is also a decision, and usually it is not the best one.

What is your experience with prolonged decisions or no decision?

There’s a better way!

I can help you to get clear on what you want and whether it is a good decision

…so that you have more time for the things which are important to you.

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